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Our latest book
Katya's Sunflowers
is out!

Based on a true story

and dedicated to all Ukrainian refugees 


'Katya's Sunflowers' is inspired by a true story
and is dedicated to the current war and humanitarian crisis
in Ukraine (as well as World War Two).

The book tells a story of a Ukrainian woman Katya
who saved two Jewish boys during World War 2.
The boys grew up and left Ukraine
while staying in touch with Katya and her family.
80 years later (and after Katya's death),
when the current Russian invasion of Ukraine
began in February of this year,
the children of those two boys flew back to Ukraine.
They rescued Katya's children, grandchildren
and great-grandchildren, by moving
the whole extended family from Ukraine to a nearby Poland.

My name is Julie. I am a half-Russian, half-Ukrainian
and the author of this story.
Barbara, the wonderfully talented illustrator
of this book, is Polish.

Our goal is for this book to reach as many people as possible as it has to do with the current crisis,
which currently claims 11 million refugees
and thousands of deaths.
I would love for the book to be noticed and serve a cause,
i.e. help children understand the current situation
and its place in history.
All the funds from 'Katya's Sunflowers' sales
will be donated to refugee families.

Thank you!

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