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Gabriella's Magic Ball

Little Gabriella loves gymnastics! Her gymnastics teacher, Ms. Nelly, presents Gabriella with the beautiful gymnastic ball. And after practice the little gymnast falls asleep in her mom's car holding her magic ball only to wake up in ... Ancient Greece, the birth place of gymnastics.


Gabriella experiences a day in a life of a typical school child from Ancient Greece and learns all about gymnastics and other amazing things children in Ancient Greece had to learn, from Astronomy to Rhetoric.


Things were very different for children back then. But were they? It looks like fun play during recess, tasty school lunches, strict but kind teachers, as well as making new friends and learning lots of useful and fascinating things were part of childhood as much then as it is now. Embark with Gabriella on a fascinating journey through time from a modern day Miami to ancient Athens!

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