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Heart ELT School Project

In October 2015, the Heart ELT School was set up in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq. The Domiz camp near Dohuk had no facilities for the children to play and learn, thus crowdfunding campaign was created to pull the funds, supplies, and learning resources together so that the children in Domiz camp had a place where they could come together to play, sing and learn. Clever Fox Press donated our bestseller 'Goodbye, Emma’ to Heart A-Z project. 


‘Goodbye, Emma’ is a picture book about a boy refuge who was forced to leave behind his beloved pet dog Emma when he had to flee his war-torn country with his family. The book is based on a true story as the author of ‘Goodbye, Emma’ is a former refugee herself. 


Our next project with Heart ELT School is to put together the drawings of Domiz children to create a picture book for them! Stay tuned!

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Leading international ELT authors & teachers; editors & proofreaders; designers & illustrators have joined forces and have each ‘donated’ one activity. The age range is from young learners to older teenagers. You too can join the project Heart A-Z too, they’d love to hear from you!
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