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No matter what part of the world you come from, you must have heard a bed-time story about some kind of baked good hopping out of the oven, running away and escaping a series of pursuers before being eaten, usually by a fox. What varies from culture to culture is what kind of baked good it is. In some countries it’s a pancake or a cornmeal cake or a dough ball that does the running away. In others it's a confectionary, gingerbread cookie is the English and American version for example. Every time the pancake/dough ball/cookie meets a hungry character on his path through the woods, he boasts about escaping from multiple animals who tried to eat him. Often (as in the Russian version) the pancake is singing his verses. Brining all the wonderful history of 'runaway baked goods' folklore together was not an easy feat and making it more understandable to the current generation of preschoolers and kindergarteners was a fun project.

Dom the Dough Ball

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