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the Sickly Monster

A special project for a special boy. 4-year old Timofey Zlenko is fighting leukaemia. We at Clever Fox Press are working on a special project, a book dedicated to Timofey and his brave fight against leukaemia. All funds from sale of the book (the book will be available on Amazon worldwide by Easter) will be donated to Timofey Zlenko and his family.

Little Tim-Tim wakes up one morning with the Sickly Monster by his side. The Sickly Monster seems to want to do everything that Tim-Tim does and follows Tim-Tim around everywhere the little boy goes. The Sickly Monster is rather unwell. And when he follows Tim-Tim around, it makes the little boy unwell as well. The Sickly Monster even follows Tim-Tim to school climbing in his backpack just when the little guy is catching a school bus. Mr. Mole, the dig-digging-long-tunnels-under-ground teacher, Mrs. Duck, dive-under-the-water-and-catch-as-much-fish-as-you-can teacher, Mr. Baboon, climb-the-trees-and-jump-from-brunch-to-brunch teacher, and all the other teachers at school try to help Tim-Tim do his lessons by offering to hold the Sickly Monster. And at the end of the day, when Tim-Tim is about to go home, Mrs. Hippo, the school nurse, comes up with the brilliant solution to help Tim-Tim go home monster-free.

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