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Children's Book Farm

where children
create books

We are looking for help


in locating a commercial or semi-residential property

to make a home for Children's Book Farm,

a place where children could learn to create books.


Writing, Editing, Illustrating, Publishing, and Marketing

courses will be run.


The courses will be designed specifically for children

interested in all aspects of Book-Creating. 


Each child will be able to publish

his or her own book

whether as an author, an illustrator or a designer.


All creative kids as well as 

their supportive parents are welcome!

Dom the Doughball - Illustrated by Darina Krisanova, 9 years old
The Sweet Race - Authored by Gabriella Galkin, 8 years old
Wildfire - Illustrated by Children from Around the World
Making Princess Dresses - illustrated by Darina Krisanova, 10 years old
Namby-Pamby the Singing Gnat - illustrated by Yulia Voronetska, 14 years old
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