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Foxes of the World Unite!

We asked our subscribers to send us their pictures posing in Fox costumes! Everybody wants to be our Clever Fox of the month. Help us chose your favorite Fox this month!
Also send us your picture wearing anything Foxy whether its ears or tail for a chance to be our Clever Fox of the month in July!

Show us your Fox Mask! Vote for our Clever Fox of the Month!

I just need some face paint and I could be a Fox too!

Remind Uncle David to take his mask off before the office meeting...

Foxes can use smart phones too!

Wake up sleepy Dad from his nap and put a Fox Mask on him. Or not.....

Look at my gorgeous tail!

My favorite Halloween costume.

Foxes come in all sizes...

I am the cleverest of them all!

Moms make good Foxes too...

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