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Otto the Rat lives an uneventful life in his home in the city of Budapest doing all the fun things rats love to do, like cheese shopping, cat chasing and playing chess, Otto's favourite hobby.


One day he hears about a place in India, a beautiful Temple of Karni-Mata. India is a birth place of the game of Chess. And the magic Temple of Karni-Mata is a home to a community of rats where not only they are allowed to roam free but are fed, admired and even worshipped by the local residents and tourists alike. Only one white rat inhabits the Temple, the rest of them are grey. And spotting this white rat, or the White Queen, as locals call her, is a sigh of good luck and a blessing from god.

Join Otto the Rat on a journey to India in search of the White Queen and find out many amazing facts about India and the game of Chess. 

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