Bo's Dream Jobs is in final stage of production!

'Bo's Dream Jobs' is available to 'page through/click through'! The book will be available on Amazon worldwide within the next 2 weeks. Know-it-all cheeky sister Annee & her younger naive and romantic brother Bo share lots of adventures together. In this book Bo is dreaming about what he wants to become when he grows up. The jobs of Veterinarian, Artist, Scientist, Farmer, they all fascinate Bo as well as many others. He turns to his sister for advice. Annee is not very excited about any of Bo’s choices. But sister’s and brother’s discussions lead to fascinating insights into various professional occupations. This book is dedicated to all siblings!

Heart ELT School Project

In October 2015, the Heart ELT School was set up in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq. The Domiz camp near Dohuk had no facilities for the children to play and learn, thus crowdfunding campaign was created to pull the funds, supplies, and learning resources together so that the children in Domiz camp had a place where they could come together to play, sing and learn. Clever Fox Press donated our bestseller 'Goodbye, Emma’ to Heart A-Z project. ‘Goodbye, Emma’ is a picture book about a boy refuge who was forced to leave behind his beloved pet dog Emma when he had to flee his war-torn country with his family. The book is based on a true story as the author of ‘Goodbye, Emma’ is a former refugee he

'Parrot Diaries' by Simone Saul

What happens when a Yellow Senegal parrot with a larger than life personality moves in with the human family of his dreams? Lots of fun stuff, apparently! Stay tuned for 'Parrot Diaries' by first time author Simone Saul!

Tommy the Learned Cat goes to Rugby

Our new book 'Tommy the Learned Cat goes to Rugby: letters from the boarding school' is in production! While Lika is drawing the illustrations and Natasha is working on sewing Tommy the Cat toys, our consultants, Rugby school pupils, are filling us in on the details of daily lifes of Rugby School students, concerts & competitions, exams & games, lunches & dinners, chapel gatherings & socials. The chapters are writing themselves really quickly, proofreading and typesetting are happening in early to mid-May and the book will hit the bookstore shelves sometime early to mid June! Keep checking for updates!

Enter our competition to translate 'Goodbye, Emma' into your language!

Whether you are a seasoned translator between English and any other world language, or whether you are just learning the craft, you can enter our competition to translate our bestseller 'Goodbye, Emma' into your language! 'Goodbye, Emma' helps children relate to the hardships, both physical and emotional, of children fleeing war and torture and tells the story of a boy refugee who is forced to leave behind his pet when his family flees the country. This book is based on a true story as once upon a time two children had to leave their country because they were refugees. The author was one of these children. The children could not take their dog with them. Their dog was called Emma. Emma lived

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