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Enter our competition to translate 'Goodbye, Emma' into your language!

Whether you are a seasoned translator between English and any other world language, or whether you are just learning the craft, you can enter our competition to translate our bestseller 'Goodbye, Emma' into your language!

'Goodbye, Emma' helps children relate to the hardships, both physical and emotional, of children fleeing war and torture and tells the story of a boy refugee who is forced to leave behind his pet when his family flees the country. This book is based on a true story as once upon a time two children had to leave their country because they were refugees. The author was one of these children. The children could not take their dog with them. Their dog was called Emma. Emma lived for many years more and died an old dog back in the country the two children no longer could call home. They always loved Emma. And Emma loved them.

Proceeds from the sale of 'Goodbye, Emma' as well as the first hundred copies of the book are being donated to various refugee centres around the world.

You can read the book here.

Winner will be chosen in each language. The prize is the copy of 'Goodbye, Emma' in English language, a copy of the 'Goodbye, Emma' in your language and Emma plush dog toy. The name of the winner will be featured on the cover and title page of the translated version which will be published in your language. All the proceeds from the sale of 'Goodbye, Emma' in all the languages will continue to be donated to various refugee centres and charities involved with assisting children refugees.

Send you competition entries to

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